What is Software Management?

Chances are you have been asked by tech support if the software or an application you are requesting help with is up to date. This is because software updates usually contain bug fixes which can resolve well known issues and security patches which make the software safer to use. Software Management ensures that these patches are applied regularly to all your computers giving you a more reliable, safe, and consistent experience.

How does Software Management work?

When new updates are released by major software vendors the files are added to the Software Management system’s approval and rejection lists. At a scheduled install time all the approved patches are deployed out to your computers and servers. The patches may be added to the rejection list if they aren’t needed or if you have a requirement to keep your software on a particular version for compatibility reasons.

Who can benefit from Software Management?

Software management is important for all computers regardless of your business size or market. It promotes a stabler IT environment and in turn a more productive system with less unscheduled downtime. This is especially true for servers which may be exposed to the internet making them vulnerable to security exploits. Patching these servers regularly and frequently reduces the window of opportunity compared with reactive ad-hoc manual patching.

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