Software Management: Why Is It Important?

What is Software Management?

You’ve no doubt heard the term ‘software management’ bandied around, but would you be able to identify exactly what it is? In a nutshell, anyone with a computer knows about regular software updates. These typically contain bug fixes to sort out any significant issues. However, updates also contain security patches which make it safer to use your software – and, if you’re not familiar with them, security patches are software and operating system updates which work to fix any security vulnerabilities in a product or program.

These updates literally ‘patch’ any holes in your defences, so that a hacker or malware can’t find ways into your network. Often, they include vital security updates. Also, you don’t need us to tell you that a cyber attack could lead to data breaches, financial loss and damage to your business which, for a smaller organisation in particular, could prove insurmountable.

With software management, you can be sure that you’re applying these updates regularly across all your computers, so that your network performs with consistent security and reliability. In turn, productivity will increase and you will experience far fewer spells of downtime, which affect morale and output and so ultimately impact your bottom line.

There are other considerations, too, including customer trust, branding, maintenance costs, sales and market share and even, potentially, legal fees in the event of a serious security breach.

Can my business benefit from software management?

It doesn’t matter which sector you operate in, or the size of your business – it can benefit from effective software management. That’s particularly the case where servers may be exposed to the internet. Known vulnerabilities include denial of service (DoS) attacks, SQL injection, directory Attacks and system configuration attacks.

So regular patching of these servers, rather than just patching up manually on an ad hoc basis, gives hackers and others far less opportunity to cause damage. Therefore, managing your software and patching are key elements of cyber security. If your software is old or outdated, it’s that much more vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. Regular updates keep you safe from exploitable hole.

At the same time, obviously, updates will also add new features based on users’ current needs and trends, so you and your staff will enjoy these benefits, too. Plus, they’ll improve the performance of your systems generally, while ensuring your software is compatible with the latest technology.

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