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Office 365

Office 365 provides a wide variety of solutions scaled to suit businesses from small to enterprise. Here at Atmosphere IT, we’ve years of experience migrating businesses onto Office 365 for e-mail, file sharing, instant messaging, conferencing, mail filtering and much more.

We always ensure that Office 365 is setup as securely as possible, without affecting productivity or use. Office 365 is also bundled into our support contracts, along with several other key items to ensure we support your users, not just your technology.

Atmosphere IT Office365
Atmosphere IT VoIP

VoIP from 3CX

3CX provide a feature rich PBX for all your VoIP needs which we bundle with cloud hosting to provide a fully hosted solution. With no additional charges for remote extensions, moving users to and from home or other working environments is simple and fast. 

iOS and Android apps are available for mobile workers, as well as web apps, soft phones, web/audio conferencing, call recording, wallboard based statistics and much more!

Azure Hosting

With Azure, the world is at your fingertips. Create websites, servers, networks, VPN’s and many, many other services, billed on a monthly basis for what you consume. No need for servers in the office, use Azure Active Directory and move your data online.
Windows Virtual Desktop is a newer Azure feature, allowing true remote working from anywhere and almost any device – move your desktops into the cloud and remove data from local PC’s with Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365!
Atmosphere IT Azure Hosting
Atmosphere IT Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

We backup your equipment, servers and data securely to UK based data centres, and encrypt those backups too for added peace of mind. Options to backup on-premise and to the cloud are available too, as well as Disaster Recovery, allowing us to power up your servers at a remote location almost instantly!

We can (and do in all of our support packages) backup your Office 365 mailbox, OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint data to the cloud too. Now this even includes Office 365 Groups – including those created by Microsoft Teams!

Network Monitoring

As part of our support packages we monitor our client’s networks to proactively detect and resolve issues. This includes asset location and network scanning to find unknown or lost devices on the LAN. We gather license and computer information from your devices, enabling audit tracking and performance history to further support your business.
We also use this tool to actively monitor the security state of your network, looking at predefined baselines and Anti-Virus application information to ensure your devices are secured. Anti-Virus and Firewall modifications can then be made centrally, affecting all devices at the same time, ensuring a consistent security stance.
Atmosphere IT Network Monitoring
Atmosphere IT Email Signatures

Email Signatures

Managing e-mail signatures to be compliant with the Companies Act and EU Directives needn’t be difficult. Use our cloud service to design, manage and maintain signatures dynamically and automatically for all of your users.
Want to advertise or add time-sensitive information to e-mails, automatically removing banners at the end of a promotion?
All of this and more is possible! Talk to us today!

Software Management

As part of our device and network monitoring service our system automatically checks for patches for all kinds of apps, not just Windows and Mac OS.
We can also deploy applications centrally, as part of the onboarding process for a new machine, making setup simpler and easier for all involved. Automating software versioning, and ensuring that your users have a consistent experience. 
Talk to us to find out more about our support packages.
Atmosphere IT Software Management

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