Why use Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Using a mix of cutting edge camera, microphone and AI technology Microsoft Teams Rooms provide a simple way for people to communicate and collaborate remotely with little or no training. All a person needs to do is invite the Microsoft Teams Room to a meeting. Then when the meeting starts, just walk in to the meeting room and the video conference will be ready. Just select Join to connect to your participants with superb quality video and sound quality.

Teams room video call in office

What is a video conferencing system?

Modern businesses regularly need to work with customers, employees and partners who may not be able to come in to their office. Often it isn’t practical to have everyone physically together for a meeting due to geographic, cost or time constraints. Video conferencing systems provide a means to make connecting with other people to exchange information or ideas as seamless as possible with people inside and outside of the meeting space. 

What is the Logitech Rally range?

Logitech are our preferred manufacturer for Microsoft Teams Room equipment. Their Rally range provide devices, services and accessories for every room size. They use high quality components and advanced management capability with Logitech Sync which keep users and the IT department happy. Many of the devices run their unique CollabOS which removes much of the complexity required with managing a dedicated computer for each room, instead giving an appliance based system which does exactly what it needs to do without any additional overhead.

Large Spaces

In boardrooms or training rooms the Logitech Rally Plus or Rally Bar systems can be used on their own or extended with additional microphone pods to cater for over 40 participants . In the example below a boardroom has been enhanced with a Logitech Rally Bar with two displays connected and three microphone pods have been mounted flush in to the table. The Logitech TAP touch screen has also been been mounted to the table so that attendees can join, control and interact with the meeting with ease. Finally a secondary Logitech Sight content camera has been added to the existing whiteboard which enhances drawing, text, and sticky notes in real time so that everyone can see them clearly.

microsoft solutions boardroom desktop 2

Logitech Rally Plus

Logitech Rally Plus Graphite

The Rally Plus is the ultimate is in flexibility and modularity. Separate room filling speakers, omnidirectional microphone pods, and a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) 4K camera capture everything in the room. Due to its modularity you can also use either a tiny PC running Microsoft Teams Room on Windows (MTRoW) for the latest features or a Logitech RoomMate running CollabOS for a streamlined Microsoft Teams Room on Android (MTRoA) experience.

Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Bar Graphite

Logitech Rally Bar takes all of the core features of the Rally Plus system and combines them in to an all-in-one formfactor. Its on-board processing and CollabOS mean that you can run the system out of the box with no additional components required. It also includes a secondary AI camera which can be used to track people as they move around the room, automatically zooming in to perfectly fit the attendees in frame. 

Mounting options are also available to secure the bar above or below a TV or directly to a wall.

Medium Spaces

Day to day meeting spaces or huddle rooms can be complimented with the Logitech Rally Bar Mini or Logitech Rally Bar Huddle. Using the included remote control or a touch enabled display you can create simple, elegant collaboration spaces.

office table and chairs with microsoft teams room meeting on screen

Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Suitable for up to 12 people, the Rally Bar Mini takes the concepts from the Rally Bar and shrinks it down whilst adding a 120° wide angle lens making it perfect for wider spaces. Its beam forming microphones pick up speakers from 7 meters away and up to three additional microphone pods can be added to extend that even further.

Logitech Rally Bar Huddle

Logitech Rally Bar Huddle Graphite

The Rally Bar Huddle is targeted at rooms of up to 6 occupants. It streamlines it’s focus to just the features you need for quick meetings that still demand a high quality experience. When combined with a Logitech Tap touch screen you have a system that anyone can use on a daily basis.

Small Spaces

Even the smallest 1 person spaces can be upgraded with video conferencing. Private rooms or booths can use the Logitech MeetUp or Logi Dock Focus Room Kit.

microsoft solutions focus room desktop 3

Logitech MeetUp

Logitech MeetUp

MeetUp can be used as a Microsoft Teams Room when combined with a Logitech RoomMate and Logitech Tap or a standalone device. You can simply plug your laptop in via USB to use the 4K camera, microphone and speakers.

Logi Dock Focus Room Kit

Logi Dock Focus Room Kit

The ultimate simple solution for adhoc meetings in focus rooms or hot desks. Using the surprisingly powerful speakers and microphone of the Logi Dock combined with the 4K Logitech Brio webcam this kit has everything you need to have a simple plug and play experience. With a single USB-C cable to connect, it even charges your laptop.

Touch Panels

Adding Logitech Tap, Logitech Tap IP or Logitech Tap Scheduler touch screen panels to your meeting rooms can make your Microsoft Teams Rooms even easier to use.

Logitech TAP IP

Logitech Tap & Tap IP

Logitech Tap

If you want to be able to connect, control and interactive with your meeting directly from the table you can use a Logitech Tap or Tap IP. These 8 inch touch enabled displays can be mounted directly on to table, wall or TV stand giving people a focal point for any interactions they need to make with the Microsoft Teams Room.

Logitech Tap Scheduler

Logitech Tap Scheduler

Rather than schedule meetings via email a Logitech Tap Scheduler touch screen panel can added to the outside of a room allowing people to see up coming meetings for that room, book meetings and see its current availability at a glance using green or red indicator strips down the sides.

Additional Cameras

To extend the capabilities of your Microsoft Teams Room additional specialised cameras can be added to your system to assist with collaboration.

Sight Smart Switching LIFE

Logitech Scribe

scribe gallery base front

The Logitech Scribe is a designed to be mounted above an existing whiteboard. With a push of its big purple button and additional video stream is added to your video conferencing showing the content of your whiteboard. Using AI features the colours are enhanced for clarity and anyone using the whiteboard is removed to make sure no content is obscured. To see it in action

Logitech Sight

sight facing front graphite 1

Logitech Sight can be an excellent addition for meetings where people may be talking across the table rather than towards the main camera. It is positioned in the middle of the table and its two 4K camera use AI to focus and frame individual people. The Microsoft Teams Room can then display the best angle for each person.

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