Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface devices are a family of innovative products that combine the best of Microsoft technology and design. They are designed to help you create, work, play and connect in new and exciting ways. Whether you need a powerful laptop, a versatile 2-in-1, or an all-in-one PC, there is a device for you. A common feature through-out the range are tall PixelSense 3:2 aspect ratio screens which give you more screen height compared to a standard widescreen laptop, this allows you to view more lines of a document at once.

Microsoft Surface Family

Surface Pro 10

The Surface Pro 10 is a 2-in-1 device that combines the versatility of a tablet with the power of a laptop. It is the latest model in Microsoft’s Surface Pro line, which was first launched in 2013.

It has 13-inch PixelSense touchscreen with a resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels (267 PPI), a 3:2 aspect ratio and an anti-reflective coating. The screen supports up to 10-point multi-touch and has a 120 Hz dynamic refresh rate for smoother scrolling and gaming. The screen also supports the optional Surface Slim Pen 2, a stylus that lets you write, draw, and annotate on the screen with natural pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition. It attaches magnetically to the optional Signature Keyboard for secure storage and charging.

A built-in kickstand allows you to adjust the angle of the screen from 0 to 165 degrees. You can use it in three modes: laptop mode, where you attach the optional Type Cover keyboard and use it like a traditional laptop; studio mode, where you lower the kickstand to a comfortable angle for writing or drawing with the optional Slim Pen 2; and tablet mode, where you fold the kickstand and detach the keyboard to use it as a standalone tablet.

Surface Pro 1-

The Surface Pro 10 has two cameras: a high quality 1440p wide angle front-facing camera with Windows Hello face authentication and a 10.5-megapixel rear-facing camera with autofocus and 4K video recording. It also has dual far-field studio microphones and Dolby Atmos speakers for clear audio quality. The device has two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4, one Surface Connect port, the Surface Type Cover port. It also supports Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.1, and optional 5G connectivity for fast wireless data transfer.

Flexible processing power is provided by Intel Core Ultra 5 or Core Ultra 7 processors, which combine two different types of CPU cores to provide performance and efficiency, as well as an NPU for AI acceleration. Options are available with up to 64 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of SSD storage. The battery life of the Surface Pro 10 is rated at up to 19 hours for typical usage.

The Surface Pro 10 is a compact, powerful and versatile device that can handle various tasks such as productivity, creativity and entertainment. It is ideal for anyone who wants a portable device that can adapt to different scenarios and needs.

Surface Laptop 6

The Surface Laptop 6 is a fast, lightweight and stylish laptop with a touchscreen display. It is the latest model in the Surface Laptop series from Microsoft, and it offers improved performance, battery life and design compared to its predecessors.

You can choose between a 13.5-inch or 15-inch PixelSense touchscreen with a resolution of 2256 x 1504 (201 PPI) or 2496 x 1664 (201 PPI) pixels, respectively, both include an anti-reflective layer. The display supports 10-point multi-touch and pen input, making it ideal for creative work and entertainment. The laptop also has a full-size backlit keyboard with a large precision trackpad, and a 1080p Full HD camera with dual far-field Studio Mics and Dolby Atmos speakers.

It runs on the Windows 11 operating system, and it is powered by a Intel Core Ultra 5 or Ultra 7 processor with Intel Arc graphics, and an AI Boost NPU. The laptop has up to 64 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of SSD storage, depending on the configuration. The laptop also has Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, a USB-C port, a USB-A port, a Surface Connect port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Surface Laptop 6

The laptop weighs between 1.38 kg and 1.68 kg, depending on the size and material. Battery capacity and processor efficiency result in a long-lasting battery life that can last up to 19 hours on a single charge, depending on the usage for the 15″ version and 18.5 hours on the 13.5″ version.

The device is a versatile and powerful laptop that can handle various tasks, from productivity to streaming. It is designed to offer a smooth and comfortable user experience with its high-quality touchscreen, keyboard and audio system. It is also compatible with other Microsoft accessories, such as the Surface Headphones 2, the Surface Arc Mouse and the Surface Dock 2.

Surface Laptop Studio 2

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is the second generation of a unique form factor from Microsoft that combines the power of a laptop, the versatility of a tablet and is the successor of the Microsoft Surface Book range. It is currently the most powerful device in the range and is designed to help you work, play and create in any mode you want. It offers the performance of a graphics workstation class device with the flexibility of its unique screen hinge which lets you move the display down to work like a graphics tablet.

The individually colour calibrated sRGB display is a 14.4-inch 2400 x 1600 120Hz PixelSense Flow panel that can be adjusted to different angles and positions. You can use it as a traditional laptop with a full-size keyboard and touchpad, or fold it down to use it as a tablet with touch and pen input. You can also pull the display forward and tilt it up to use it as a studio with the Surface Slim Pen 2, which magnetically attaches and charges on the base of the laptop.

Surface Laptop Studio 2

The laptop is powered by an 13th Gen Intel Core processors offering twice the CPU power of the previous model, and an optional NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card, delivering high performance for multitasking, gaming and content creation. It also has up to 1TB SSD and 64GB RAM, Dolby Atmos speakers, a 1080p HD camera and Windows Hello 2.0 face authentication. Two Thunderbolt 4 enabled UBC-C ports, 1x USB-A 3.1, MicroSDXC card reader, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Surface Connect port allow you to connect a multitude of devices.

Surface Go 4 for Business

When you need a small, light and power efficient device the Surface Go 4 for Business is the perfect choice. Designed with front line works in mind like Retail, Field Operations or Healthcare, its a portable companion that makes sure you always have your apps at hand. It also makes a great secondary device for meetings or other situations where you want to take notes and have them synced directly with Microsoft 365.

Surface Go 4

At the heart of the Surface Go 4 for Business is an Intel N200 process which is designed for power efficiency, 8GB of RAM and 64GB to 256GB of storage. The 10.5 inch PixelSense display maintains the high pixel density the Surface range is known for by packing in a 1920 by 1280 resolution. Conference calls are enhanced with a dual far-field microphones, stereo speakers and 1080p cameras on the front and back with Windows Hello authentication support. USB-C 3.1 for data, DisplayPort and charging, a MicroSDXC card reader, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a Surface Type Cover port for a keyboard and a Surface Connect port for a docking station.

Surface Studio 2+

The Surface Studio 2+ is a new all-in-one computer from Microsoft that combines a stunning 28-inch PixelSense™ touchscreen with a powerful processor, graphics card, and storage. It is designed to offer fluid productivity and creativity for professionals and enthusiasts who need a versatile device that can handle demanding tasks.

A unique Zero Gravity Hinge allows you to adjust the screen from an upright position to a nearly flat one, giving you the freedom to work at any angle. You can use it as a desktop, a drawing board, or anything in between. The screen supports 10-point multi-touch and pen input, letting you sketch, write, and edit with precision and ease. The screen also has a 3:2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 4500 x 3000 pixels (192 PPI), delivering stunning colours and clarity.


The Surface Studio 2+ is powered by an Intel® Core™ i7-11370H processor, which can handle multitasking and complex applications with speed and efficiency. It also has an NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3060 graphics card, which assists image creation, video editing, and 3D modelling with smooth performance. It can be equipped with up to 32 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD storage, giving you plenty of memory and space for your files and projects.

It comes with Windows 11 preloaded and supports accessories like the Surface Dial, Surface Keyboard, Surface Mouse, and Surface Headphones 2, which can enhance your productivity and creativity.

The Surface Studio 2+ is a premium device that offers a standout design, fluid productivity, and immersive entertainment. It is ideal for anyone who wants a powerful and versatile computer that can adapt to their needs and preferences.

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