Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform which gives you the power to create systems as and when you need them, with no upfront cost and a flexible pricing model. The catalogue of platforms and services is constantly growing but here are a few of our highlights. 

Virtual Desktop

Empower your staff to work from anywhere with a secure and scalable virtual desktop environment with a familiar Windows 10 or 11 interface. 


Virtual Networks in Azure connect separate nodes and services together just like a physical network connects servers and devices.


There are several options for database storage in Azure but one which many people a familiar with is SQL Server.


Managing hard drives, RAID arrays and datastores can be a headache. Azure’s Storage options aim to remove the burdens of physical data storage.

Virtual Machines

Create custom virtual servers for any requirement or get started using a template. From a single Linux webserver to a Windows Server farm.

Azure Active Directory

Authentication on Microsoft platforms is typically completed using Active Directory. Find out what Active Directory can do for you.

Above are just some of the things that Microsoft Azure can do and the use cases are endless! From supporting a business’ entire technical solution by employing a variety of the Azure services through to protecting your business’ data, Microsoft Azure really can do it all.

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