Small Business IT Guide – Domain Names

One of the first things you should do when starting a new business is to think about domain names. This will be the cornerstone of your internet presence and brand identity. 

What are domain names?

A domain name a unique address that is part of the internet infrastructure, for example It is used in conjunction with the Domain Name System (DNS) to allow people to find and use services easily. When you type in a website address the domain is used to deliver you to the right location or if you send an email the domain is used to deliver the message to the right server.

What can do with a domain?

Once you own your domain name you can integrate it into 

  • Create a website or a blog for your personal or business use.
  • Create custom email addresses with your domain name.
  • Use your domain name for cloud services, such as hosting, storage, or backup.
  • Set up a dedicated business phone system with your domain name.
  • Join a Windows domain to manage and control your PCs from a central location.
Domain Name

Why should I own my domain?

Here are some reasons why you should own your business’s domain name:

  • Brand identity: A domain name is an essential part of your brand identity. It helps customers remember your business and associate it with your products or services.
  • Professionalism: Owning your domain name gives your business a more professional look and feel. It shows that you are serious about your business and that you are committed to building a strong online presence.
  • Control: Owning your domain name gives you complete control over your online presence. You can use it to create a website, set up email addresses, and more.
  • Search engine optimization: Owning your domain name can help improve your search engine rankings. It makes it easier for search engines to find your website and associate it with your business.
  • Flexibility: Owning your domain name gives you the flexibility to change web hosts or website builders without losing your online identity.

How do I buy domain names?

You can buy a domain name from various domain registrars and web hosting providers. Some popular domain registrars include 123Reg , or SiteGround.

Here are the steps to buy a domain name:

  1. Choose a domain registrar.
  2. Search for the domain name you want to buy.
  3. Check if the domain name is available.
  4. If the domain name is available, you can then purchase it. If it isn’t available you will be given some alternatives that are available.

How do I choose a domain name?

Your business is going to use your domain regularly in day to day operations, and switching domains once you have your first one established isn’t always straight forward. Here are some tips to help you make a good choice:

  • Brand identityThe majority of businesses choose to include their company name in their domain name, which makes sense from a branding perspective. Some businesses choose something alternative that is related to their products or services, for example: B&Q who use These however aren’t a great choose for new businesses as they don’t help you distinguish your brand from other the competition.
  • Keep it short – Imagine giving someone your email address over the phone. Less complexity means few errors or explanations will be required. Use the fewest number of words you can but avoid using abbreviations where possible.
  • Avoid padding – Don’t add extra symbols or numbers of your first choice isn’t available. These make your domain look less trustworthy, which in turn can harm the perception of your business. If the domain name you want isn’t available, its worth getting creative with top-level domains. 
Domain Name

What is a Top-Level Domain?

A top-level domain is the end of the of your domain name. Typical examples that people use often are .com , or .net. These have been available since the early days of the internet however there are now lots more options available, including many that are focused on specific industries, for example .cars .careers & .coffee. In total there are currently over 1500 top-level domains available, a complete list can be found on Wikipedia.

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