Finding the VMware datastore with the most diskspace using PowerCLI

Today I found that I needed to know which of my datastores had the most disk space so that I could add a new virtual hard disk on it temporarily for some temporary data upload. Knowing that I needed to exclude certain datastores I had to figure out how to get PowerCLI/PowerShell to check the name of the datastore against an “exclusion list”. So, with some help from @jonhtyler and @leveitan on Twitter, and using the PowerShell operators, I came up with the following script:

#Connects to vCenter/ESX(i)
connect-viserver $servername 
#Get's a list of datastores and excludes based on matches of "Name1" etc. Only gets free space and datastore Name
$datastores = get-datastore | where {$_.Name -notmatch "Name1|Name2|Name3"} | select Name,FreeSpaceMB
#Sets some static info
$LargestFreeSpace = "0"
$LargestDatastore = $null
#Performs the calculation of which datastore has most free space
foreach ($datastore in $datastores) {
	if ($Datastore.FreeSpaceMB -gt $LargestFreeSpace) {	
			$LargestFreeSpace = $Datastore.FreeSpaceMB
			$LargestDatastore = $
#Writes out the result to the PowerShell Console		
write-host "$LargestDatastore is the largest store with $LargestFreeSpace MB Free"
#Disconnects from all connected vCenter/ESX(i) hosts.
disconnect-viserver * -force:$true -confirm:$false

Now, all you need to do is replace $servername with the name of your vCenter server or ESX(i) host, and change “Name1”, “Name2” and “Name3” with the expressions that you want to remove. If you know that all of the disks you want to exclude contain a single word such as “LOCAL”, then just replace all 3 (and remove the all the “|”), if you want to exlude “LOCAL” and “TEMP” then you’ll need “LOCAL|TEMP” – with me?

Hope this helps more people than just me 🙂


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