Cloud Backup

Atmosphere IT’s Cloud Backup service can back up a large variety of sources from local on-premises sources to cloud systems such as Microsoft 365. Flexible storage options allow you to backup directly to the cloud and keep a local copy as well. Combat ransomware and malware using advanced AI-based protection which can automatically recover modified files, all using our Cloud Backup agent.

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android


  • VMWare ESX
  • Hyper-V
  • Citrix XenServer
  • KVM

Application Aware

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Websites


  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace

What are backups?

A backup is a duplicate copy of your data which is stored separately from your live environment. These backups can then be used to recover the live environment back to a point in time if the original state is lost, corrupted, or destroyed.

Do I need backups?

Backing up your data and a well formed disaster recovery plan should be very important components of your greater business continuity plan. Without backups you are vulnerable to data loss, hardware failure and regulatory compliance problems. Failure to do this can lead to a range of predicaments; from an inconvenience where data needs to be recreated from scratch; to the business being unable to operate due to critical systems being unavailable. Backups act as a safety net that lets you mitigate or recover from these situations quickly. Cloud Backup adds an additional layer of protection – offsite storage.

Cloud Backup

What are Cloud Backups?

Historically backups have been written to a physical media by a using a device like a tape drive, these often needed to be manually changed each day, stored and archived off site. Cloud Backups change this by storing your backup data in Cloud Storage. Just like physical backups, if you need to restore data you can either just retrieve a single file or a complete system image, straight from the Cloud Backup storage location.

What are the benefits of Cloud Backups?

With Cloud Backup, you aren’t restricted by the limitations of physical media. As there isn’t a limit on the space available, you no longer need to worry about outgrowing your backup media size.
Flexible retention options allow you to hold on to your data for as long as you need, and can vary based on each backup source. Inventorying the backups is now simplified, you no longer need to locate the right backup tape to restore the current version.
Data is natively stored off site which reduces the potential risk caused by fire or theft. The cloud backups are also encrypted using AES in transit and at rest.
As Cloud Backups can take complete imaged based backups there is an option to “spin-up” emergency failover versions of those servers in the cloud datacentre. It is also possible to restore to different bare metal servers and virtual hypervisor technologies.

What is a Microsoft 365 Cloud to Cloud backup

If files or emails in Microsoft 365 are deleted or overwritten, they can be lost forever. Microsoft have layers of resilience for their own data centres but they do not have backups which you can access. Having only one copy of your data accessible is always a risk. Cloud to Cloud backups work by creating a “cold” copy of your data which is stored outside of Microsoft’s Cloud in another Cloud data centre. This means that if data is lost it can be copied back in to Microsoft 365.

Why do I need backups of Microsoft 365?

Although the Microsoft 365 service is very resilient, it doesn’t include any built-in backup functionality. If any content is deleted by default it can only be restored from the recycle bin for 30 days. If the deletion isn’t noticed within 30 days or data is required after that time then the data is lost.

How long should I keep my backups?

This depends on your requirements. Your business may be subject to regulations which stipulate the period of time that data must be available for. As an example, for business contracts which are subject to The Limitation Act 1980 (Section 5) which states that business contract, agreements and other arrangements need to be stored for the length of the contract and for 6 years afterwards. Using an Atmosphere IT Cloud to Cloud backup solution allows you to retain all of your data for as long as you need, to ensure your regulatory and legislative requirements are met.

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