Call “PropertyCollector.RetrieveContents” for object “propertyCollector” on vCenter Server failed.

OK… annoying one today… but simple to resolve!

This error popped up after our upgrade to vCenter 4.1… when converting templates into VM’s to perform updates and then trying to edit the settings we started receiving this error:

Call “PropertyCollector.RetrieveContents” for object “propertyCollector” on vCenter Server “vcenter_server_name” failed.

How annoying! Anyhow, I found that it seemed to be down to the fact that the VM had an ISO attached to its CD drive… But, I can’t access the settings to alter it! So, I had two options:

  1. Use PowerCLI to change the settings.
  2. Remove the Template from the Inventory, and re-add it to see what happens.

I went with option 2 to test this theory out. So, removed the VM, browsed the templates data store and re-added it again. Voila! I could access its settings, and there it was, an ISO file connected to the CD drive…. Now to do the rest of them!!!

Looks like it’s time to send a note around the tech team again reminding them to remove ISO’s from the VM’s once they’re finished with them!!!


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