Azure Virtual Machines

With Azure Virtual Machines you can create custom virtual servers for any requirement or get started using a template. Whether you need a single Linux web server or a Windows Server farm you can easily get them created, configured and available within minutes.

The virtual machines can be connected to your existing on-premises network to extend your capabilities or be completely isolated standalone servers. There is a considerable number of virtual server specifications available all powered by modern Intel and AMD hardware.  

When you need extra resources to ramp up your capacity the “Azure Virtual machine scale sets” feature means you can quickly scale up with additional servers. If you have existing physical servers, VMware, or Hyper-V virtual machines, they can be migrated using the Azure Migrate service. Any security, regulatory and compliance requirements can be addressed using extensive encryption and threat protection options. 

The easy to understand management portal lets you keep an eye on how your machines are performing and how much resource they are using. It’s a simple solution to determining if you need to upgrade your machines or if you could potentially afford to decrease unused resources to save money.

Azure VM

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