Microsoft Azure Storage

Managing hard drives, RAID arrays and datastores can be a headache. Azure’s Storage options aim to remove the burdens of physical data storage whilst also creating a solution that is accessible and still secure, scalable, and resilient. Several data redundancy options are available whether you need local or geo-redundant storage.

Blob Storage

Blob Storage is designed for large binary data such as images or video files. Data is separated into simple containers which hold a flat file structure. Depending on how often the files are needed you can use ‘Hot,’ ‘Cold’ or ‘Archive’ access tiers with Azure Storage.


Azure Files

Azure files work like the SMB file shares you are familiar with from an on-premises file server. You can quickly lift and shift your existing file servers up to Azure Storage Containers or extend your storage capabilities by synchronising the data up to Azure Files whilst still using the local server as a cache. Another advantage is that Azure Files can be used for permanent storage for Docker or Kubernetes containers.

Azure Storage Files

Would you like to find out more about Azure Storage?

Azure is a very flexible and scalable solution so if you would like to find out more about the Azure services or request a quote; please get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to help.