Azure SQL Databases

There are several options for database storage in Azure but one which many people a familiar with is SQL Server. In Azure there are multiple ways to set up SQL instances:

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines allows SQL administrators to use a classic server environment with a full OS and management studio to enhance the capabilities of your database, add resilience or lift and shift your existing database with minimal changes. Lower the total cost of ownership whilst adding options for high availability and disaster recovery.

Azure SQL Database options
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Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is the perfect choice for uploading your current database into a highly secure, highly compatible, and highly available cloud environment but removes the complexities of also maintaining the underlying Windows Server operating system. By running on the new SQL Server engine your database will continuously have the latest features, and functionality and will always be up to date. Automated backups make is easy to ensure your data is always available when you need it.

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Databases are a smart choice for modern databases. The Hyperscale service tier gives you access to extended capabilities such as a 100TB database limit and fast, snapshot-based backups and restores. The “serverless” option is especially useful for those databases with intermittent or unpredictable usage, as the auto-scale feature dynamically adjusts the allocated resources.

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