Azure Active Directory

Authentication on Microsoft platforms is typically completed using Azure Active Directory. By using Azure Active Directory you can start a new cloud native Active Directory or extend your existing on premises Active Directory forest to the cloud, helping to improve resiliency and functionality. 

When a user logs in to the system from a new device, location or requires access to sensitive data, you can use Multi Factor Authentication to add an additional level of security. This can be enhanced further with Conditional Access Policies which allow you to create and tailor flexible login policies to distinct locations, people, and apps. Single Sign-on can also be used to integrate with third party apps or services using your existing Active Directory accounts. 

How could it be used?

Below is an example configuration provided by Microsoft on how you can configure the Azure Active Directory Service. As you can see, HR systems such as workday, external productivity systems like LucidChart and even corporate devices and custom built corporate applications can check with Azure AD to see if the user exists and if they should be allowed to access the system they are attempting to sign in to. 

Azure Active Directory

Would you like to find out more about Azure Active Directory?

Azure is a very flexible and scalable solution so if you would like to find out more about the Azure services or request a quote; please get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to help.