Who are Acronis?

Acronis  are experts in the field of data protection, backup, and disaster recovery solutions. Established in 2003, Acronis offers a diverse range of software products and services aimed at assisting businesses in securing their data, regardless of its storage location—be it on local servers, in the cloud, or within virtual environments. Acronis stands out for its inventive approach to data protection, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Over the years, Acronis has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing dependable, effective, and user-friendly solutions for safeguarding data.

How can Acronis products help secure my business?

In 2022 39% of UK businesses were the victim of of a cyber security attack. Acronis has a complete solution for all of your data protection and cyber security needs. Acronis Cyber Protect is a comprehensive modular solution that integrates backup, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and endpoint management capabilities. It enables organizations to protect their data, applications, and systems from cyberthreats, while simplifying IT operations and reducing costs. Acronis Cyber Protect leverages artificial intelligence and automation to deliver proactive, active, and reactive protection against ransomware, malware, exploits, and other attacks.

Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 – GOV.UK (


Safeguard various local or cloud sources and securely store the encrypted data in a location of your choice. Whether it's physical workstations, clustered hypervisors, SQL databases, or Microsoft 365, you can conveniently consolidate all your backups in a single location.


Collect information on both hardware and software inventories, and ensure that your operating systems and third-party applications are up to date with the latest patches.


Safeguard your users, devices and data through comprehensive measures such as anti-malware protection, vulnerability assessments, and exploit prevention.


Enhance your understanding by leveraging threat feeds, implementing centralized incident management, and receiving recommended steps for effective remediation.

Data Loss Prevention

Device control, automatic detection of protected information, centralized logging and alerting.

Email Security

Multilayer antimalware, antispam and anti-phishing.

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