Acronis Security

Acronis Cyber Protect includes a comprehensive collection of security tools it can protect your business from modern malware, phishing and ransomware attacks. As its scanning technologies are deeply integrated in to its backup functions you can secure clients endpoint all the way up to datacentre backups.

Comprehensive anti-malware security

Continuous real-time protection encompassing all potential attack vectors through the implementation of multiple layers of defence.

Acronis Disaster Recovery

Scanning for malware in the Acronis Cloud

Offload client endpoint workloads to facilitate more thorough scans, thereby guaranteeing malware-free backups

Cyber Protection Operation Centres (CPOC) threat feed

Enhance responsiveness to emerging threats by obtaining remediation recommendations for prompt action.

cloud and lock cloud security graphic

Prevention of malware reinfection

Conduct malware scans and update antivirus definitions during recovery to effectively eliminate the risk of recurring threats.

Safe Recovery

Inclusion of forensics data in backups

Gathering digital evidence to expedite investigations and mitigate the cost of remediation.

Automated allowlisting

Minimize false positives and empower more comprehensive scanning capabilities.

Exploit prevention

Employing behaviour-based detection heuristics to proactively thwart the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities, including memory exploits and injections.

URL filtering

Prevent access to malicious URLs, thwart web-based attacks, and counter phishing scams.


Remote device wipe

Safeguard against data leaks by remotely erasing data from lost devices.

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