Acronis Data Loss Prevention

Most businesses store some sort of a sensitive data, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools monitor the use of this information and alert you if employees attempt an action which could leak it. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s Data Loss Prevention tools can help you stay compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and PCI.

Create DLP policies automatically

You don’t have to delve into the specifics of business information or manually create policies. The Acronis Data Loss Prevention system will automatically analyse sensitive data movements, generating and adapting DLP policies as business conditions change. This guarantees defence against prevalent sources of data leaks.

Rapid response to DLP events

Reactive quickly with in-depth examinations while streamlining DLP policy upkeep using centralised audit logs and immediate alerts for security incidents. Reporting becomes more convenient with informative widgets.

Out of the box regulatory frameworks

GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS data classifiers work instantly with no configuration required.

DLP controls across 70+ channels

Keep client data safe by stopping any leaks from work activities through a wide range of devices and networks including:

  • Removable storage, printers and other physical devices.
  • Redirected mapped drives and clipboards.
  • Email and chat communication tools.
  • Webmail, file sharing and social networks.
acronis dlp

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