Acronis Management

Acronis Management allows you to assess the condition of workloads, detect potential risks, and address usage concerns across 24 parameters for both Windows and macOS. Take prompt remedial actions automatically or manually based on the evaluation. Ensure client systems remain current and address security vulnerabilities by utilizing integrated vulnerability assessments and automated patch management for over 300 applications. Enhance planning efficiency with streamlined processes such as hardware and software inventory collection, remote desktop assistance, and monitoring.

Patch Management

Ensuring the security of a business environment requires regular software patches and updates, as they effectively address known vulnerabilities before they evolve into significant concerns. With patch management support available for both Microsoft and third-party software on Windows, you can conveniently schedule or manually deploy patches to safeguard your data.

Prioritise patches based or severity or focus on collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom

Apply the latest patches as part of recovery process so that restored systems are protected from vulnrabilities.


Monitoring and smart alerting

Machine Learning based monitoring and intelligent alerting, which offer automatic, swift, and accurate anomaly detection along with automated response actions. Proactively prioritize client protection, gain insights into workload performance and reliability, and handle more workloads with minimal effort. Instead of being overwhelmed by monitoring numerous alerts, navigating multiple consoles, and grappling with complex tools, ML-based monitoring streamlines these tasks. It extends its capabilities to manage Windows and macOS workloads. Typical tasks include monitoring the status of built-in or third-party anti-malware software, tracking the read and write speed of each physical disk, and monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic for each network adapter.

acronis device protection graphic

Automation scripting

Efficiently oversee and execute customized pre-approved PowerShell/Bash scripts on remote Windows and Mac machines. Enhance productivity by automating repetitive and daily tasks. Mitigate the risk of human errors by utilizing a collection of Acronis-verified scripts or scripts crafted by your IT administrators. Enjoy centralized management and monitoring of the scripts. Run scripts as needed, on a schedule, or when specific start conditions are met.

Remote Agent Installation and auto discovery

Streamline the installation of multiple agents simultaneously, whether in the cloud or on-premises, with simplified procedures. Utilizing network-based and Active Directory-based discovery, you can effortlessly install and implement protection plans remotely, ensuring the security of your data is efficiently maintained.

Fail-safe patching

When a system patch goes awry, it can render the entire system inoperable. Patch management rollbacks have their limitations and can be time-consuming.

To address this issue, fail-safe patching employs a proactive approach by creating an image backup of designated machines prior to the installation of a system or application patch. This enables swift rollbacks in case of any issues, ensuring a more efficient and reliable patch management process.


Remote Desktop and Assistance

When employees work remotely from home, they may require access to files or applications on their work machines, especially if they don’t have a configured VPN. To facilitate this, provide end users with a secure link that enables them to remotely access their machines.

Flexible reporting

Simplify your operations and gain valuable insights into data protection through streamlined and easily understandable reporting. Customise the widgets on your dashboard to display reports on various aspects such as drive health, active alerts, missing updates, and more. This empowers you to swiftly identify and resolve issues, enhancing your ability to effectively protect your data.

Remote device wipe

Safeguard your business-critical data against unauthorized access. Take advantage of the ability to remotely wipe compromised or misplaced Windows devices. Acronis Cyber Protect offers a convenient solution to prevent data deletion by disgruntled employees or unauthorized access through lost or stolen devices.

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